Beauty Engine

Sweet Almond + Manuka Honey MGO 100 Shower Oil|甜杏仁油+麥蘆卡蜂蜜沐浴油


Beauty Engine Shower Oil 的靈感來自大自然,適合我們身體的自然生理節律。主要成分包括甜杏仁油和麥盧卡蜂蜜 MGO 100 ,有助於溫和清潔、軟化、滋養和恢復身體的光澤感。採用新西蘭農場中發現的天然純淨成分製成。 溫和、毫不費力地融入我們的日常護理。


Size: 250 ml

Made in New Zealand


Beauty Engine Shower Oil is inspired by nature for the natural rhythms of our bodies. The main ingredients Sweet Almond Oil & Manuka Honey MGO 100 help to gently clean, soften, nourish and restore radiance back to the body. Made with natural and pure ingredients found in the farms of New Zealand. Gently and effortlessly easing into our selfcare rituals.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially ideal for those with sensitivity or dryness-related issues, such as eczema.

Size: 250 ml

Made in New Zealand

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