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日常健康 + 營養補充

Organic Greens Superpowder+ 含有超過 25 種營養豐富的綠色蔬菜、澳大利亞本土超級食品、香草和蘑菇,提供 15 種關鍵維生素和礦物質,可提供能量、免疫力和日常健康。

Recommended for adults seeking help with:




+ Supergreens 通常是指一組由蔬菜、穀類草和藻類組成的超級食物。這些蔬菜富含營養,天然富含纖維、維生素、礦物質、植物營養素、抗氧化劑和酶,易於被人體吸收。儘管超級綠色粉末不是作為健康全食物飲食的替代品而設計的,但它們可以用來幫助填補我們的營養和日常飲食中的不足。
+ 蘑菇是蛋白質、維生素 D、B 族維生素和硒的可靠來源,是任何飲食的重要補充,可支持許多重要的身體功能,例如保護細胞免受某些類型的自由基損傷,保持健康的免疫系統和能源支持。
+ 澳大利亞獨特的原生灌木食物不僅富含必需的營養成分,澳大利亞土著人也長期以來一直使用這些植物,水果、種子、葉子和花朵來獲得治療功效。這些植物歷來被用作這些天然超級食品來治療或緩解燒傷、咳嗽和疼痛等疾病,以及維持日常的身心健康。
PANMOL® 複合維生素 B

+ 有助於正常的能源生產
+ 有助於保護細胞免受氧化應激
+ 是正常神經功能所必需的
+ 是正常脂肪代謝所必需的
+ 是正常蛋白質代謝所必需的

✔ 很棒的天然味道 ✔ 不加糖 ✔ 不添加麩質
✔ 非轉基因 ✔ 超低輔料 ✔ 無大豆


✘ 蛋 ✘ 堅果衍生成分(樹堅果、花生)✘ 大豆
✘ 牛奶 ✘ 魚和貝類 ✘ 小麥和麩質


將 8g(約 2 公製茶匙)加入水或您最喜歡的飲品中,然後享受美味和有機的好處。

Size: 240g(口服散劑)

Made in Autralia 


Everyday Wellness + Nutritional Support

Packed with over 25 nutritionally-dense greens, native Australian superfoods, herbs and mushrooms, Organic Greens Superpowder+ provides 15 key vitamins and minerals for energy, immunity and everyday wellness.

Recommended for adults seeking help with:

 A plant-based alternative to regular multivitamin supplements
 Low fibre diet
 Diet low in fruit and vegetables
 Everyday wellness
 Maintain general health and wellbeing
 Nutritional support
 Energy to power you through your day


Organic Supergreens

+ Supergreens typically refer to a group of superfoods made up of vegetables, cereal grasses and algae. These greens are jam-packed with nutrients, being naturally rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the body. Although supergreens powders are not designed as a substitute for a healthy whole food diet, they can be used to help fill any gaps in our nutrition and day-to-day diets.

Organic Mushrooms

+ Widely known to be a reliable source of protein, vitamin D, B vitamins and selenium, mushrooms are a great addition to any diet for the support of many important bodily functions such as cell protection from some types of free radical damage, keeping a healthy immune system and energy support.

Native Australian Superfoods

+ Australia’s unique native bush foods are not only bursting with essential nutrients, Indigenous Australians have also long used the plants – fruits, seeds, leaves and flowers – for their therapeutic properties. These plants were historically used these native superfoods to treat or relieve ailments such as burns, coughs and pain, as well as for general health and wellbeing.

PANMOL® Vitamin B Complex

+ Contributes to normal energy production
+ Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
+ Is necessary for normal neurological function
+ Is necessary for normal fat metabolism
+ Is necessary for normal protein metabolism

✔ Great natural flavour ✔ No added sugar ✔ No added gluten
✔ Non-GMO ✔ Ultra-low excipients ✔ Soy-free 


✘ Eggs ✘ Nut-derived ingredients (tree nuts, peanuts)
✘ Soybeans ✘ Milk ✘ Fish and shellfish ✘ Wheat and gluten


Mix 8 grams (Approx. 2 level metric teaspoons) into water or your favourite smoothie and enjoy the great taste and organic goodness.

Size: 240g(Oral Powder)

Made in Australia

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