Fluoride Free Teeth Whitening Strips | 不含氟美白牙貼



◯ 美白效果最佳可高達6個色調
◯ 包括 14 對美白牙貼
◯ 含有抗敏感成分「硝酸鉀」
◯ 方便攜帶,隨時隨地美白牙齒

◠ 純素
◠ 無動物測試

效果將持續至少 4-6 個月!這再次取決於您飲食中的葡萄酒、咖啡、煙草和有色食物的數量。我們建議全年進行補充,以幫助您保持白皙的笑容!

美白效果會因您的飲食習慣以及食用會使牙齒染色的食物或飲料的頻率而有所不同。作為一般規定,我們建議您的牙齒在兩次美白治療之間休息 8 週。


Made in Australia

Give your teeth that glow, now! Achieve instant whitening results with our fluoride free teeth whitening treatment. 

We are completely aware of the sensitivity people can experience with teeth whitening treatments and have kept this in mind during formulation! BOUCHE whitening strips have been formulated with potassium nitrate, the same ingredient used in toothpastes to treat sensitivity to give you the most comfortable whitening experience!

◯ Achieve up to 6 shades whiter
◯ Includes 14 pairs of whitening strips 
◯ Formulated with anti-sensitive ingredient potassium nitrate
◯ Use them anywhere, anytime! 

◠ Vegan
◠ Cruelty Free

Results will last at least 4-6 months! This again depends on the amount of wine, coffee, tobacco and coloured foods in your diet. We recommend top ups throughout the year to help you maintain that white smile!

This can vary depending on your diet and how often you consume foods or drinks that stain your teeth. As a general rule, we recommend giving your teeth an 8 week break in between whitening treatments.

*We do not recommend whitening strips if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Quite frankly, there is not enough research to be sure if it is safe.

Made in Australia

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