Boheme Fragrances



前調: 黑醋栗、百里香、佛手柑
中調: 絲柏、紫羅蘭、檀香
基調: 沉香木、琥珀、藏紅花、勞丹脂、麝香




✺ 為獲得最佳燃燒體驗,每次使用前將燭芯修剪至 ¼”。
✺ 蠟燭的第一次燃燒時間應該足以讓整個頂層蠟液化。 這將確保每盞燈均勻燃燒。
✺ 一次燃燒蠟燭的時間不要超過 4 小時。
✺ 切勿將點燃的蠟燭放在無人看管的地方,也不要放在兒童或寵物接觸不到的地方。
✺ 保護蠟燭底部接觸的表面。 
✺ 燃燒時間約為 50 小時。


8.5 oz | 240 g
清潔燃燒 | 純素 | 棉芯

Handmade in the USA



TOP:Cassis, Thyme, Bergamot
MIDDLE:Cypress, Violet, Sandalwood
BASE:Oud, Amber, Saffron, Labdanum, Musk

Built on tribal traditions and the untold wealth of the earth itself, the Arabian peninsula is a land perched between the ancient and the future. For the Bohéme Woman, it’s both playground and sanctuary, the only place on earth where the day may go from the mosque to the yacht, from the museum to the marketplace.

She embraces the unique and mysterious luxury of the land evoked by the precious oud chips sold at the souk, with their enchantingly deep and smoky richness, entwined with the fruits and spices of traders whose wisdom dates back countless generations. Warmed in the amber glow of the desert sun, she reflects on another perfect day in the Gulf.


✺ For the best burning experience, trim candle wick to a ¼” before each use.
✺ The first burn of a candle should be long enough for the entire top layer of wax to liquify. This will ensure an even burn for each light.
✺ Don't burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
✺ Never leave a candle burning unattended, or in reach of children or pets.
✺ Protect the surface underneath the candle
✺ Burn time is approximately 50 hours.


8.5 oz | 240 g
Sustainable Natural Wax
Clean Burning | Vegan | Cotton Wicks
Phthalate Free

Handmade in the USA

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